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When it comes to marketing, one of the things that can be challenging is that we won’t get results immediately. What are some of the reasons that make a successful marketing result a challenge to achieve? How do we create content that takes care of the “know and like” part of the process of persuading a potential client? In this clip, we discuss the right mindsets to have towards our marketing. 

There are many failure points in the advertising process, so think of the first 45 days as a science experiment. -Gene Volpe  

Takeaways + Tactics

Takeaways + Tactics 

Approach marketing with an experimental mindset 

You can be the best lead generator and advertiser on the planet, but if you have leads coming in and you take too long to respond or you’re not good on the phone, your ROI is going to be zero. 

Consumable video content helps people get to know us 

The big thing in marketing is always giving people the consumer media they want to keep consuming, and content like what’s going on in your local market is highly consumable.

Online leads don’t come ready to buy or sell right now

An online “lead” isn’t actually a lead at all, it’s just a response to an ad. In order for it to become a lead, we have to actually nurture it and build a relationship.

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