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Low Budget High Impact Lead Generation with Michael Soon Lee

Do you constantly seek out new methods of lead generation? Are you starting out as a new agent and struggling to drum up new leads? Maybe you’ve come back to real estate after an extended break and you’ve lost your connections? Are you tired of the constant rejection... read more

Building A Lifestyle Real Estate Business with Jeff Cohn

Have you reached a point where your work/life balance is way off and you have no freedom? Are you doing the things you love on a day-to-day basis? Is your fear of failure stopping you from growing and learning? If you answered yes to any of these then Jeff Cohn is... read more

Negotiating: Never Split the Difference with Chris Voss

The art of negotiation is making the other person think they had the idea in the first place. Are your skills up to scratch? Do you know how to deal with a client who is just downright not receptive? In this episode, hostage negotiator and all-round genius, Chris Voss... read more

The Secrets of Top Gun Agents with John Gualtieri

What separates a good agent from a great agent? Do you have the right skills to be a leader? Does your team know what you expect from them? On this episode of Real Estate Uncensored, coaching expert John Gualtieri answers these and other questions you should be asking... read more

How to Find Your Definite Purpose

How do you boost the performance of your Facebook Live videos? What is the big advantage of door-knocking when you’re a new agent? How do you find your purpose and register your own decisions? On this live Q&A episode of Real Estate Uncensored, we answer audience... read more

About Our Co-Hosts

Matt Johnson is the founder of Pursuing Results, a podcast PR firm that provides production and guest booking services. Matt is also a partner in Elite Real Estate Systems, which consults with agents around the country to build dominant real estate teams…Read More >>

Greg McDaniel is a partner in the McDaniel Callahan TEAM, one of the top teams in the East Bay, as well as Education Director for J Rockcliff Realtors. Greg has a passion for teaching up-and-coming agents as well as veterans looking for new ideas and a fresh approach to the business…Read More >>