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Sales & Marketing Smackdown on Objections with Aaron Wittenstein

When it comes to handling objections, there’s a way to nip them in the bud before they come up. How can you use marketing to do this? How do you handle objections like where you’ve sold, if a house should get fixed or being in competition with other agents? On this...
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30 Under 30: How Jamie Tian Sold $23 Million In Volume & Works With International Clients

For many people, being young can be a disadvantage in the real estate business. How do you make yourself stand out and provide value to show your expertise? How can you employ social media tactics to get more clients? How do you go about hiring an assistant who won’t...
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How to Avoid These 10 Social Media Mistakes

When it comes to social media, a lot of us do too much all at once. What are the biggest mistakes people are making with their posting and content? How do you gauge if a seller is really serious? What is a huge misconception people have about marketing? On this...
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How to Ask the Hard Questions to Get Results NOW with Ahalya Kethees

Waiting for the recognition of other people is a downward spiral. What are the hard questions you have to ask yourself to find what fulfills you? Why is it so important to celebrate what you’re good at and what you’ve accomplished? Why is clarity so important? On this...
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How To Become A Local Real Estate Rockstar Even If You Are Brand New And Don’t Have Any Customer with Nick Sakkis

If you think sending an email a month is enough to effectively market to your database, think again. What do you need to do in order to be in front of the right people consistently? Why is Facebook Messenger the new email? How can you find the right people to feed...
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The Truth About Multiple Streams of Income (Live Q&A)

People with multiple streams of income start with one engine for their business before they add something new. What misconceptions do people have about this process? What misconceptions do people have about being the digital mayors of their local area? Why is it a bad...
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Recruiting, Motivation & Finding Talent with Linzee Ciprani

Paying for your marketing forces you to go deeper on perfecting all the aspects of your campaigns. How do you make sure you’re putting your most valuable marketing out? What are the secrets of lead generation? How do you know you’ve found a very talented person to...
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Business Planning and Making that 4th Quarter Push with Don Cunningham

Stress is what drives most of us and our work. How do you make sure fear isn’t actually holding you back? What mindsets are doing more harm than good? How do you effectively do your 4th quarter push and business planning for next year? On this episode, we are joined...
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Open Houses, Value Propositions & Building Trust (Live Q&A)

What’s the best script for converting online leads with no proven track record? What is the most powerful value proposition you can give a seller? How do you build trust with potential clients? On this episode, we host a live Q&A, and tackle these are other...
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How Dave Freidman Went From 40 to 300 Deals in Just 4 Years

Success stories can always be daunting because it seems so hard to catch up. What’s an easy, sustainable way to grow your business? How do you transition from going solo to being a team player? Why should you always have a clear motivation about what you want to...
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Matt Johnson is the founder of Pursuing Results, a podcast PR firm that provides production and guest booking services. Matt is also a partner in Elite Real Estate Systems, which consults with agents around the country to build dominant real estate teams…Read More >>

Greg McDaniel is a partner in the McDaniel Callahan TEAM, one of the top teams in the East Bay, as well as Education Director for J Rockcliff Realtors. Greg has a passion for teaching up-and-coming agents as well as veterans looking for new ideas and a fresh approach to the business…Read More >>