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How To Win Listings & Help Homeowners Unlock Their Equity with Brian Elbogen

Getting free money just for owning your house sounds like a dream for any homeowner. How is this model sustainable? Does it benefit real estate agents at all? And how are co-investment partners similar to your rich uncle that you only see at Thanksgiving? Brian...
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Building a Team and Hitting 30 Under 30 with Anthony Manzon

Home-ownership with under-35s is at an all-time low. How do we tackle this as real estate agents? Can we specifically target the millennial demographic and entice them into purchasing their own home? And how can Yelp become one of the main tools in a real estate...
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Top Real Estate Tips with Matt Johnson & Greg McDaniel

Working in real estate is a constant learning curve. What’s the difference between an objection and a condition of a sale? What are the best tips that’ll help you deal with that one really tough buyer and still make a sale? Should complete domination be...
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How to Generate Motivated Seller Leads & Use the Mojo Dialer with Tom Cafarella

Many agents pass up on lucrative wholesale deals almost every day of their careers. What are they missing in order to capitalize on those deals? What tools need to be taken into account when branching out as an investor? What are the benefits of being versatile in...
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6-7 Replay

Resucceed: Create an Extraordinary Future While You Sleep with James Colburn

Fulfillment, passion and joy are missing from our business planning. How do these things affect our success over time? Why is sleep the key to the answers we’re really looking for? Why is it important to ramp down to bed? On this episode, James Colburn shares how he...
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6-5 Feature

Everything Real Estate featuring Glenn Twiddle

Real estate agents are notoriously bad negotiators. How can you overcome this, and bring value to clients so they want to hire you? How do you use negotiation skills to become their agent for life? How can you pitch yourself as a solo agent or a new agent? On this...
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6-2 Feature

You Got the Listing, Now What? High Tech High Touch Client Service with Melinda Estridge & Daniel Schuler

New technologies may have taken over real estate, but the relationships, problems and objections are the same. How do you go from getting a listing to gaining a forever client? What are the ways you can set expectations when you start the relationship? How do you...
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Dominate Your Market With Farming & Community Blogging with Michael Hellickson

Many agents show up to work and do everything but work. How does that get in the way of getting the results you want in your business? How do you counter this mindset with self-leadership? How can you maximize your prospecting time? On this episode of Real Estate...
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5-22 Feature

Generating and Closing Seller Leads with Matt Lamont

A lot of things in real estate have changed and marketing is one of them. How does this relate to how agents generate seller leads? Why is it so necessary to get over the fear of knocking on doors? How do you get in front of people consistently? On this episode, we...
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5-26 Feature

How To Handle the Most Common Objections featuring Gene Volpe

How do you handle a person who tells you you’re too young or inexperienced? How do you improve your list building and actually make it easier for people to give you their email addresses? On this episode, Gene Volpe joins us to talk about the most common objections...
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About Our Co-Hosts

Matt Johnson is the founder of Pursuing Results, a podcast PR firm that provides production and guest booking services. Matt is also a partner in Elite Real Estate Systems, which consults with agents around the country to build dominant real estate teams…Read More >>

Greg McDaniel is a partner in the McDaniel Callahan TEAM, one of the top teams in the East Bay, as well as Education Director for J Rockcliff Realtors. Greg has a passion for teaching up-and-coming agents as well as veterans looking for new ideas and a fresh approach to the business…Read More >>