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There are so many things about working in real estate that can lead to stress, like difficult clients and long hours. What can we do to manage stress better, or even avoid it altogether? How does a mentor help reduce our stress? In this episode, we discuss this, answer questions and even share our biggest pet peeves about real estate. 

When you’re coming out of a normal 9-5 job, getting a mentor is going to be one of your first big business-building decisions. -Matt Johnson 

Takeaways + Tactics

Mentorship is a necessity not a luxury

Getting a mentor is key to success in real estate, especially when you’re new. We have to invest something to get more growth out of your business later. If the mentor gets you the results you want, it’s more than worth. 

Strategic vs. opportunistic

Many people think they are being strategic, when they are just being opportunistic. In order to be strategic, you need to have the ability to plan ahead, not think of what you can do at the last minute. 

We choose how busy we are

The reason many people in our industry are stressed and overwhelmed is that they aren’t willing to hire someone who can take over some of the work for them. If we build the systems for these people, our reward will be lower stress levels.

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