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Social media is vital for success in the real estate industry today, and posting video content in particular is non-negotiable. What kind of content should we be including in our videos- and how can we become more comfortable on camera in the early stages? Should our videos be strictly professional, or is authenticity more important? On this episode, founder of DigitalNatives Inc., James Rembert, and owner and founder of Amplified Marketing Group, Nick Sakkis share their insights on video, social media and the future of the real estate industry. 

Nationally, we can’t compete with online competitors. But on a hyperlocal stage, we can give them hell. –James Rembert

Takeaways + Tactics

  • To become relevant in our markets, we need to create hyperlocal content. To do this, we can film our experiences in local establishments- like restaurants.
  • In the early stages of being on camera, it’s normal to feel nervous. To combat shyness, we can film ourselves completing everyday tasks. This will help us get used to being on camera.
  • Authenticity is everything, so stop worrying about telling viewers what we think they want to hear. If we’re authentic, we’ll be more likely to attract an audience better suited to us.


To stay ahead of new competitors like Zillow, we have to embrace social media. Start getting comfortable with sharing videos, because they’re non-negotiable for success. We need to speak about hyper-locally relevant topics, and build confidence by being ourselves. The real estate industry is going to feel a lot of changes thanks to the internet, but if we stay up-to-date with social media while staying true to ourselves, we don’t need to agonize over it. 

Guest Bio

Nick Sakkis is the owner and founder of Amplified Marketing Group. He is passionate about marketing and sales, and enjoys any opportunity to teach agents and entrepreneurs how to promote their brands. Nick is a paid advertising specialist with a keen interest in the social media world and digital space.

To find out more about Nick, visit 

You can also find him on social media with the name @NickSakkis

Find him on YouTube at 

James Rembert, also known as ‘Zillow Killer’, is the founder of DigitalNatives Inc. He is a trained marketing strategist and talented designer with a background as a Realtor. James is the creator of the wildly successful online course, HyperLocal Domination, which is aimed at teaching real estate professionals how to build a real estate focused marketing agency from scratch.

To find out more about James, head to:

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