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We tend to think of our businesses as a way to make money, and something we should keep separate from our personal lives. Is it possible to embrace our personal beliefs and passions, while also benefiting our businesses? How can we use our businesses to increase awareness for the charities we believe in? On this episode, host of the Dreaming of Cooperstown podcast and social entrepreneur Scott Morris shares how we can build social good into our businesses. 

Making a difference in other people’s lives will bring the riches and success you’re chasing. -Greg McDaniel

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Our businesses and passions don’t need to be separate. We can merge the two by donating a portion of what we receive from clients to a charity we or the client are passionate about.
  • Don’t worry about being vulnerable. Sharing our stories with clients only endears us to them.
  • Create a network of business owners with shared passions and interests. This boosts our profiles while spreading awareness for the causes closest to our hearts.

As business owners, we have the power to bring awareness to the issues we feel strongly about. We no longer need to hide our advocacy or be afraid to share why we support certain causes. Use the positions we occupy for good- there’s no reason why our businesses shouldn’t benefit from our social good. In fact, we can do good while benefiting our businesses.

Guest Bio 

Scott Morris is the founder of SRM Real Estate Group. As a social entrepreneur, his business model is based on promoting social good and encouraging advocacy for good causes. He is a speaker, advocate for type 1 diabetes, and the host of the Dreaming of Cooperstown podcast.

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