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One of the things that happens to many of us is that we set goals in our personal and professional lives but we find them in conflict. What is the core reason behind this conflict? How do we prioritize our goals? How do we overcome the stories we tell ourselves that hold us back? On this episode, we are joined by the Silicon Valley Coach, Kelly McCarthy, who talks about how to get more clarity and focus in our goal setting.

We can talk about goals all we want, but our internal ladder of values is actually what determines our behavior. -Matt Johnson  

Things We Learned

Three Things We Learned

The cause of our goal conflicts
The reason people find their personal and professional goals in conflict is that they put every single value and goal on the same level. There is an order of importance in our goals and it plays out in everything we do.

The importance of slowing down to focus

People are natural doers and they can easily charge towards their goals, but very often what people need is to do a lot less and be. That means they have to slow down and focus.

The purpose of coaches

Learning your values and living into them creates new neural connections in your brain, it’s like building a muscle. It’s a new connection that needs to be strengthened. The coach holds you accountable for living into that value on a daily basis so it becomes who you are instead of it being an effort.

Key Quotes

The more time you can take to feel what’s going on, the more clarity and focus you have in each area of your life. -Kelly McCarthy  

If you can get over the story your own mind makes up, your boundaries are limitless. -Kelly McCarthy  

When it comes to setting and achieving our goals, we often think we need to pile on more goals and take more action, but sometimes what we actually need to do is focus and slow down so that there’s clarity before any action is taken. It’s critical to take the time to figure out where your goals lie in order of priorities so that we stay true to our values. By taking the time to really think and feel what we want to do, whatever we do from there will be authentic.

Guest Bio

Kelly is a Certified Silicon Valley Lifestyle Coach. She works with clients who are ready to identify, be driven toward and held accountable to reaching professional and/or personal goals. Go to for more information or call 925.2530.8051.

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