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Many agents struggle to get anywhere with their goals, businesses and results because they are qualified victims; they know what to do but their negative mindset gets in the way. How can you identify if you’re a qualified victim? How do you move yourself up to being a qualified champion?

What is the difference between focus and awareness? On this episode, Spencer Combs talks more about the process for overcoming limiting beliefs and other stumbling blocks to our success.

Any bus will get you there if you don’t know where you’re headed. -Spencer Combs  

Three Things We Learned

Why more real estate training isn’t the answer

You can know exactly what to do but if you don’t have the right mindset, the right thoughts and the right knowledge, you just won’t move.

It’s what we know, but DO NOT do that’s our problem

When we know what we need to do but we never do it, that information is useless. We have to bring what we know and what we do together in order to become unstoppable.

3 ways to identify victims in your life

There are three behaviors that can quickly help you identify the victims around you. Victims blame other people and even the market for their challenges, they constantly criticize others, and justify why they aren’t making progress.

Key Quotes

If you know you can do a better job than other agents, then you’re doing the public a disservice by not stepping up and being accountable for what you do. -Spencer Combs

There’s a difference between a positive mindset and a powerful mindset. -Spencer Combs

In order to get unstuck and get over our own victim mentality, the first thing we have to talk about and get clear on is the accountability. We have to take complete responsibility for our lives if we want to change them. We have to focus on what we want more than what we don’t want, and align our beliefs with where we want to go. Lastly, we have to be flexible and focus less on the vehicle for getting results and more on the destination and the ultimate goal we have.

Guest Bio

Spencer is a Coach, speaker and founder of Spencer Combs Resources. He also serves as Director of Operations for the Jeff Riley team in Columbia, SC. Go to or for more information. Join Spencer every Tuesday night at 6pm EST for his Facebook Live.

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