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When it comes marketing, it often feels like we have to constantly step our game up in order to succeed. When it comes to new strategies, why is podcasting a front runner? How do we balance what the audience wants with what we’re interested and what we want to talk about? On this episode, we discuss some key points to consider when it comes to crafting content to grow your business.

Even if the audience comes, if the content doesn’t help you sell more houses, you will get burnt out on it a lot faster. -Matt Johnson  

Three Things We Learned

Why YouTube is better for growing an audience

YouTube is so much better at serving up your videos to people who are looking for stuff in your area or on your topic, and serving you up as a recommended video than iTunes. To get started with podcasting, create community-oriented, events-based videos, keep them short and put them on YouTube and then drive people there.  

How to craft content that the audience actually wants

One of the biggest mistakes people are making with their podcasts and video content is wanting to do something that’s fun for them and still grow an audience but those two things are actually incompatible. People either don’t care about the topic or they’re already getting the content from someone else.  

Why focusing on a niche is important

No one is interested in just one thing, so to make highly focused content you have to cut a deal with yourself to sacrifice certain things you would want to talk about to deliver what the audience is interested in. The more focused you get, the more people understand exactly what mental bucket you’re trying to fit into, the more likely they will be to come to you for that specific thing.

Key Quotes

YouTube is an infinitely better search engine for content people are looking for than iTunes. -Matt Johnson  

It’s all about knowing what your audience is going to want to see, you have to be surgical about it. -Greg McDaniel

As business owner, creating content is not an art form, it has a purpose and that is to get more people onto your calendar that want to meet to buy or sell a home. You want to get more business, and if you build the audience and it doesn’t translate to that, it will be disappointing. Your content creation has to actually put money in your pocket, or else it will feel like a waste. The more focused you are in your content as it relates to your business purpose the more likely you are to have success.

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