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One of the ways we can truly build a life of freedom is to jump into investing. Do we have to have been in the business for a long time? What is a basic deal we can set up? How does investing empowers us? On this episode, Zach Beach shares on how he went from bartender to 100 investing deals in under 3 years, and how we can do it.  

A basic lease-purchase deal is a net lease with an option to purchase at the end. -Zach Beach

Three Things We Learned

The profitability of lease-purchase deals

A lease-purchase deal gives you 3 paydays as an investor. First you get the non-refundable deposit, and then the difference between what you pay on expenses, and what you’re collecting for rent, as well as the principal pay down.

How lease-purchase deals benefit the customer

A lease-purchase deal is a bridge to homeownership and an opportunity for people to become mortgage ready. Buyer’s get to lock in their price today. As an investor, the benefits aren’t just financial. You get people who will take better care of the home than a renter.

Why building relationships is key to investing

Investing in real estate is more of a give and take, and open conversation. You have to be a lot more personable because it’s all about building a relationship from step one all the way to signing the contract.

Key Quotes

Investing is just taking the exact same transactions and conversations you’re already having and looking for other opportunities. -Matt Johnson

When you have money on the line you tend to care for the house better. -Gene Volpe  

As an agent, you already have the lead gen tools, prospecting and relationship building skills mastered, so why not add one more arrow in your quiver through investing? It will give you one more way to help people so when you meet a prospect, the conversation doesn’t just have to be about buying or selling. It gives you a lot more value and it can change the rest of your life by helping you build wealth.

Guest Bio

Zach is  an Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Coach and Marketer at Pre Property Solutions. For more information, go to or connect with him on LinkedIn

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