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We’re not always going to be in the best headspace for prospecting, but it’s a necessary activity to our survival. How can we get ourselves pumped for prospecting, or build habits that make sure we never skip it? What do multiple objections tell us about what the prospect is feeling? How can we get to the root of solving the problem? In today’s episode, we’re joined by Gene Volpe and Aaron Wittenstein for another edition of the East Coast/West Coast smackdown, to talk about lead generation and FSBOs and showing our prospects that we relate to them.

If you’re not regularly prospecting for business, you’re not going to be able to get the money you want. -Aaron Wittenstein  

Three Things We Learned

When a prospect says they’re considering the FSBO route

That’s not an objection you’re going to get them to change their mind on over the phone. Ask them that you want stop by to get a feel for the property, and then stay in touch with them on a regular basis after that. 4-5 weeks in, when the process isn’t going well is the point they’ll consider getting an agent.

What objections tell you about your prospect’s thought

If you get a lot of objections at once, you’ve done a bad job of explaining what makes you different and better than other agents, so they don’t see the value of working with you, vs. working with somebody else.  

How to reveal the root of an objection

Lead a prospect down a set of questions around their frustration. When you go deep and really talk about the nuances of their problem, it shows you understand what it would mean for them if you solved it.

Key Quotes

The better we can restate and reframe their frustration, the more they can feel like we’re naturally the ones that have the solution. -Matt Johnson

The first week someone lists their house on their own feels great, but eventually an agent will get a better opportunity to list the house 4-5 weeks in. -Aaron Wittenstein

Very often, the gap between a prospect’s objections and them deciding to work with us is asking the right questions, and showing the value we hold over another agent. If we can restate and frame their problem in a way that nobody else does and shows that we understand the problem or have a unique spin on it, they’ll assume we have the solution they need.  

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