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If we’re thinking of freeing up more of our time, chatbots are a great way to automate our marketing efforts, but we have to be careful not to turn them into virtual answering machines. What are some of the ways people are misusing chatbots? How do we build rapport, and find the people that are worth talking to and who is really motivated? On this episode, marketing expert Zach Hammer shares how we can get the most out chatbots.

Don’t think of chatbots as automating communication. Think of them as a way more effective landing page. -Zach Hammer  

Three Things We Learned

People are misusing chat bots to automate conversations that people aren’t interested in having.

Just because chatbots make it possible for us to to automate conversations, that doesn’t mean we should put every single conversation on them. We shouldn’t automate conversations people don’t have or even want to have in the real world because we won’t get results.

Why you don’t need all the bells and whistles on chatbots to be effective

Having success in chatbots is about simplicity. If we can take an existing landing page and put the information collecting sequence in a chatbot, we can drastically increase conversion. It’s simple and effective.

You can use Facebook targeting to exclude other real estate agents from your ads

Have available a ready list of interests that will indicate someone is a real estate agent. These could be thought leaders, books they read, things they watch and podcasts they listen to.  

In the audience section when you’re setting up an ad, there’s a part that has the option to exclude. You can exclude by interest and filter out 80% to 90 of real estate agents.

Key Quotes

If you’re trying to automate and turn everything into a bot-centered process, it falls flat on its face. -Zach Hammer

Understand where the strengths of chatbots are, not just trying to play with technology for the sake of it. -Zach Hammer

The biggest mistake being made in the realm of chatbots is over-complicating them and overthinking what we can do with them. Chatbots can be leveraged as drastically more effective landing page. If you replace your landing page with a chatbox sequence designed to collect the same information, upwards of 70% of people convert. This can allow us to really reach the people we want to and talk to them on a more relevant level.  

Guest Bio

Zach is the founder of Real Estate Growth Hackers. He is a real estate marketing consultant, productivity coach, author and lead gen wizard. See a Chat Bot in Action & Get a Free Welcome Bot Template at

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