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Instagram is the perfect medium for showing off beautiful listings. People come on platforms like Instagram to be visually engaged. But how can you advertise a home that doesn’t quite look like it would attract any attention? What kind of content doesn’t belong on the platform? And what is the one question you should ask yourself before you hit “publish”? In this episode, Dustin Brohm talks about the #1 mistake agents make on Instagram and what you should do instead!

If you can’t get clients yourself, you have no longevity in this industry. – Dustin Brohm

Three Things We Learned

Don’t post flyers and brochures

Flyers and brochures aren’t formatted for Instagram, and unless users zoom in, the content won’t be readable. But people usually scroll down when they see something that doesn’t grab their attention, and if you constantly post brochures that nobody is interested in, your audience might unfollow you.

How to make photography work for Instagram

You can make photography work for Instagram even if the home you’re trying to promote doesn’t look top notch. Instead of posting photos with the house, post photos with a nearby park, neighborhood, or other attractions that give your audience an idea of how beautiful the location is.

Nostalgia is an attention grabber

Photos of old toys, amusement parks, or anything that brings back memories from your audience’s childhood will draw attention to your social media content.

Key Quotes

If it’s not going to get your attention, it’s not going to get somebody else’s attention. -Dustin Brohm

You have to enjoy it. Don’t do it because we are telling you to do it. Do it because you like it. -Greg McDaniel

Instagram is all about grabbing the attention of the viewer. But if you flood your feed with content that gets ignored, there’s a dangerous side effect: the algorithm and your audiences learn to ignore you. On social media, it’s better to invest your time in fewer but quality posts than to inundate other people’s feeds with information that not even you would be interested in reading.

Guest Bio

Dustin Brohm is a Realtor in Salt Lake, Utah, the host Massive Agent Podcast, and a national speaker and trainer. He is a marketer at heart that used technology to make his brand a client magnet in his area. In the present, he shares his knowledge about digital marketing, advertising, and branding on his podcast and at speaking events.

You can find out more about Dustin here.

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