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Agents are constantly chasing new clients and new ways to make lead generation easier. But what if the answer isn’t in new tactics and chasing new clients? How can you tap into the law of reciprocity with your past clients and get repeat business and referrals? How can local events for past customers actually save you money and increase your conversion rate? In this episode, John Mikesh talks about how he generates up to 40% of his income by holding local events for past clients.

I never wanted my business to feel like a job. My biggest personal motivator is freedom. -John Mikesh

Three Things We Learned

Keep in touch with your past clients

Even if you have excellent customer service and your clients are happy with your work, if you don’t make keeping in touch with your database a priority, you’ll lose repeat business and referral opportunities. Your clients need to be reminded of your existence even if you’ve already made a good impression.

Customer events save you money

Chasing new clients and trying new marketing gimmicks that may or may not work ends up being more expensive than maintaining a good relationship with your past clients. Plus, when you serve the people you already served, you don’t need to prove your expertise with free evaluations, free photos, etc.

Put together a system that can be outsourced

Event planning may have to start one year in advance. Because of weddings, most venues will already be taken if you start planning only a few months before the event. Put together a system that takes care of all aspects of event planning and outsource the work so you can focus on other aspects of growing your business.

Key Quotes

Once we have the core values, then we can go and design any system we want in our business. -John Mikesh

If you are trying to make systems too detailed, people won’t follow. -Matt Johnson

When done correctly, lead generation gives you relief. Planning events where your past clients feel appreciated is by far less stressful than always having to chase new clients and spend money on marketing tactics that way or may not work. When you work your sphere, you serve people who already know you and you like you. And because you’re investing money into thanking them for their contribution to your success, it taps into the law of the reciprocity. Every time they attend an event, they are reminded of how much you worked to make it happen. And they’ll feel a need to give you something in return as well. Usually, this translates into repeat business or referrals.

Guest Bio

John Mikesh is the owner of ROOST™ Real Estate, a real estate brokerage in Mooresville, of the Lake Norman / Charlotte, North Carolina area. His company focuses on putting the client experience first and this approach enabled him to become one of the top Realtors on the market for years now.

John was also recognized in multiple issues of Charlotte Magazine as a “5-Star Professional.

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