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AI makes it easier for agents to reduce the time spent on follow-up and leads. But will AI ever replace human interaction? How can chatbots make follow-up and the selection process easier even when dealing with huge amounts of leads? And most importantly, how can A.I weed out the good from the bad and send agents only leads who are warm and highly likely to convert? In this episode, Zach Nussbaum shares how AI can help agents stop wasting time on low-quality leads and interact only with those who are most likely to convert.

Nothing beats a human response. The bots are only going to take you so far. -Zach Nussbaum

Three Things We Learned

Chatbots are powerful but they can’t replace human interaction

With chatbots, you can filter out a large number of leads without moving a finger. But the rest of the follow-up is up to you. AI will rank for you the leads from coldest to warmest, but you will still have to set an appointment and continue the conversation face-to-face.

Place landing pages and quizzes in the chat box

Most people don’t mind answering questions, especially when they know it works as a shortcut to finding what suits their needs. Quizzes and landing pages are a great way to find out more about leads and how likely they are to make a move right away.

Verify all of the information you receive

Phone verification is usually a must to weed out leads who just want to find out more without leaving their contact information. This also creates the opportunity for you to impress them. For example, you can send a seller a screenshot of their home from Google maps to verify that it’s the home they want to sell. Since agents don’t usually have the technology to do this automatically, the seller will probably remember you as a result

Key Quotes

AI is essentially the electricity of 21th century. There are so many things that will be built or evolved because of it. -Matt Johnson

All that the natural language process does is learns based on what someone says to your bot. -Zach Nussbaum

AI will never replace human interaction in real estate, but it can greatly reduce one of the most time-consuming and nerve-wrecking task: lead follow-up. With chatbots, you no longer have to waste time with leads who won’t convert anyway because AI can help you filter out the good from the bad by using questionnaires and ranking leads based on their interactions with the bots. This way, teams can manage a large amount of leads without having to do follow-up. Instead, they receive a report and pick only the leads with the highest odds of converting.

Guest Bio

Zach Nussbaum is a chatbox and Facebook ads creator at Braintrust. He helps agents both attract and manage large amounts of leads without having to do follow-up manually. Zach created a completely automated follow-up system for agents that ranks leads from coldest to the warmest. If you want to find out more about how you can save time and money by using AI, advertising, and email follow-up, schedule a free call or send Zach an email to find out if your can benefit from these services.

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