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Technology has already changed the way real estate is done. But how will the rise of augmented reality impact the industry? What are the current developments, and what can be done in the present with augmented reality? What are the predictions for the future? In this episode, we talk about how you can use augmented reality on your smartphone and what other possible uses may be coming in the future.

If you can make people excited about their future reality taking place in the property they are looking at, they will become bonded to that potential opportunity. – Greg McDaniel

Three Things We Learned

Applications that add furniture in a home

Potential buyers and tenants can now see how their furniture will fit in the new place by using augmented reality. There are applications where you can see the furniture selected on your smartphone right in the new property.

The future of augmented reality

In the future, you may be able to use augmented reality to show potential scenarios in a home that isn’t just limited to furniture and home decor. As a result, buyers will be more likely to consider the property if they can already visualize it’s potential.

How to position yourself as an agent

In any given transaction, 1% to 3% of any given price is in play. That goes to whatever side has the best negotiating skills. Instead of presenting yourself as just an agent, present yourself as the one who can bring the best negotiating skills to the table.

Key Quotes

The elevator speech shouldn’t be about how you represent them and not the seller; the elevator speech should be why they should work with you exclusively. – Matt Johnson

You don’t want to create demand for something anyone can fill; you want to create demand for you. – Matt Johnson

Augmented reality has already started impacting the way we do real estate. There are apps that you can use on your smartphone that show possible buyers or tenants how their belongings will fit and look in a new place. Buyers who are open to the use of this type of technology will be more likely to buy because, without knowing it, they already formed a bond with the property by visualizing their belongings inside the property.

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