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The resistance of leads over the phone is getting stronger and stronger while many agents give hundreds of calls per week. What causes this resistance? What are the limitations of scripts and mirroring? Why is it important to roleplay? And what’s the secret to making leads feel understood and not sold to? In this episode, Dale Archdekin speaks about how you can convert leads to active buyers with ease, while Gene Volpe shares his latest tech discovery.

This interaction is not about you, it’s about the person you are talking to. Who are they? How does their world work? What’s important to them? -Dale Archdekin

Three Things We Learned

Don’t use your sales pitch unless the prospect shows interest

Many agents jump right to the sales pitch when leads aren’t even ready to hear their value proposition. You need to put aside your desire to get the listing second and ask questions that will reveal what their key motivators are, and find out whether they are a good fit for you or not.

You can’t always use a script

You can’t repeat the same script over and over again. First, you need to find out what their pain points are and what they plan to do about it. Scripts can be helpful, but you need to adapt them to each prospect. Otherwise, what you’re saying won’t make sense for a large percentage of your leads.

Start a roleplay group

Practicing should always be one of your priorities. You can’t get better at handling objections and dealing with unexpected turns in the conversation by memorizing scripts alone.

Key Quotes

People are allergic to schedule and allergic to consistency, and those are the two things that would be required if you start a roleplay group. -Matt Johnson

Use strategic paraphrasing.You don’t always have to repeat things back. -Dale Archdekin

Many agents have a hard time listening to the their prospects during a phone call. They go through a set of questions prepared beforehand, so they aren’t actually interacting with anyone. They just tick a few boxes and deliver the sales pitch. The secret is to actually focus on the person. Forget that you even need the listing, and ask them questions that will make then open up instead of getting defensive. Don’t focus on the listing unless they show interest in working with you.

Guest Bio

Dale Archdekin is the CEO of Smart Inside Sales, an inside sales training and coaching company focused on real estate, and the former director of lead generation and realtor at

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