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Big companies replicate the same well-oiled machine. They hire people and attract clients based on it. But how do you build the same systems for a real estate business? What are the best ways to attract clients without going through hundreds of calls per week? Are marketing skills applicable to any industry, and how it can be applied to yours? In this episode, Glenn Twiddle speaks how he built his own real estate machine, how he attracts clients, and how he finds talent.

Once you become good as a marketer, as an influencer, you can take that flowchart and apply it to so many businesses. – Glenn Twiddle

Three Things We Learned

Give now to receive later

Giving your advice, content or trainings for free builds a relationship with your prospects. Now they owe you something for helping them out, which taps into the law of reciprocity. The moment they have the opportunity to pay you back for your help, they’ll do it. You can’t attract the same amount of people with a free service as you would with a paid one. The first may pay off later, but the earnings are definitely bigger.

Build a system that takes care of every aspect of your business.

You need a system that leaves nothing to guessing; otherwise, you will be constantly disorganized, putting the wrong people in the wrong positions, and have a hard time teaching what you do to new workers. A system that takes care of every aspect of your business will save you time spent every day trying to figure it out what to do and what to delegate, and it’s going to make things easier for you to train new people.

A skilled marketer can thrive in any industry

Once you become a skilled marketer who can put systems that target the right people in place and fix their pains, you can work in any industry within your skill set.

Key Quotes

Really good marketing makes sales people unnecessary. – Matt Johnson

We know that that the meat patio that goes into a real estate cheeseburger is different every time. So guess what? We build a system to account for that. – Matt Johnson

The DISC profile enables you to figure out who is better at what. If you get to do something that you aren’t good at, you can send it over to someone who enjoys it and is qualified to do it better than you. There are very few jobs in a real estate system that everyone should do or can do at the same level. But if you have an idea of the personality types in your team and their motivations, it’s easier to figure out in what spots they will thrive.

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