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Agents often hate the idea of using AI in their sales processes, but real estate will always remain a people-to-people business. Artificial intelligence just takes some of the time-consuming tasks off your plate. But how can you use AI without making a compromise in customer experience, and when is it the right time to do so? What kind of interactions can be taken care of by a bot? Could bots save agents time and money, and how? In this episode, Tod Holland talks about how you can both generate and weed the good leads from the bad ones by using AI and bots.

There is a way to organically promote your business without coming off as a real estate robot. -Tod Holland

Three Things We Learned

How to use AI without making a compromise in customer experience

The secret is to keep the human element but automate everything that can be automated without making a compromise in consumer experience. You have to know at which point in the interactions you should put AI aside and bring in the person.

How agents should use AI to save time and weed out the bad

Bots should be programmed with consideration for your potential client. You don’t have to outright specify that your bot is a bot and not a human, but you have to build in a series of interactions that make sense and save time for the agent. Before the leads even get to the real estate agent, there are some questions that should be asked in order to weed out the the bad.

How you can use AI to narrow your focus and save time

Using AI helps you narrow your focus. You hand off everything that can be done by robots to the robots, and the relationship building, the processes that involves human interaction, will remain your job. Bots can help you save time by eliminating some of the time-consuming, mindless tasks.

Key Quotes

Marketing in the last 10 years stopped respecting the consumer as more than a price tag. -Tod Holland

Good marketing is being considerate. -Matt Johnson

Facebook is one of the best platforms for pushing content because everyone is on it. There is no other platform that has both the people and the tools needed to segment and test what kind of content works and what doesn’t. Also, Facebook rewards high engagement rates by making you even more visible the next time you post on their website.

Guest Bio

Tod Holland started his real estate journey when he was 18. In the present, his company was recently sold, but he is still active as a consultant on the board and he helps real estate agents and loan officers integrate AI into their sales processes.

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