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Agents face many obstacles in the process, from having their emails ignored to dealing with buyers who can’t make a decision. But what can you do when your clients don’t reply to text or email? Should you give them a call? How do you deal with buyers who can’t make up their mind or want to see all the listings in the area? In this episode, we speak about buyers, means of communication, and Gene shares one of his latest tech discoveries.

The more you clarify your thinking, the more you can communicate thoughts in fewer words. -Matt Johnson

Three Things We Learned

What you can do when buyers want to see all the houses in the area

As a real estate agent, you don’t have the time to show your buyers all the houses in the area. Plus, they probably already have their dream home in mind.

Ask them what boxes their perfect home should tick, and then you can go further and propose to see only the houses that fit those criteria instead of seeing homes they won’t like anyway.

Always make sure to follow-up via the phone

Emails and texts are often ignored, but few clients of yours will not pick the phone when they get a call. On top of this, a conversation over the phone is more humane, and it’s easier to be more persuasive and transmit more emotion during a phone call.

Shorter calls

Agents often end up spending too much time on the phone without saying much. Writing can help you clarify your thinking and help you become more brief in your communication without sacrificing any information. Shorter calls will give you more free time, and your clients will be happy with it as well.

Key Quotes

If you know what people are looking for in your industry and your arena, you can then tailor some of your marketing to target that. -Gene Volpe

People are asking about the tool before they know what to do with the tool. -Matt Johnson

The best way to save time when dealing with buyers that have second thoughts on homes is to create a checklist. When a property doesn’t meet their expectations, or it’s impossible to modify it to meet their expectations, it all gets written down on the checklist and the piece of paper will be thrown away.  In many cases, buyers have second thoughts even about homes that don’t meet their expectations, which only slows down the process. But if you destroy the sheet with houses that don’t fit the criteria, you remove the home from their minds as well.

Guest Bio

Gene Volpe is the founder of GVI Media and has over 10 years of experience in real estate marketing. With over 200 transactions under his belt, Gene is known as an authority in his field and is often invited to speak at events. You can find more about Gene at

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