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Changing your daily habits and replacing the systems you already have in place to function can be very challenging. But what happens when what we are currently doing doesn’t serve our goals? What kind of goals and expectations should we set for ourselves to make sustainable changes both in business and in our personal lives? And what is the secret to making ourselves motivated enough to step outside of our comfort zone? In this episode, Monica Weakley shares how to reach massive success.

If we only get motivated when we go through pain, the motivation stops when we go above the pain threshold. -Matt Johnson

Three Things We Learned

Stop making promises you won’t keep

We all know when our expectations and promises are unrealistic, especially when we are just starting to tweak our action plan. Don’t create schedules that only robots can keep. Treat yourself as you would your best friend. What are the things that you are willing to do that also happen to be beneficial? Don’t promise yourself that you will increase your revenue overnight when you know it’s not possible to do so at the moment.

Don’t try to change in one day what was built in a decades

Our work tactics, and our mindset is the result of decades of conditioning and habit. We work the way we work because we have some unconscious system put in place, the smaller the changes, the smaller the resistance. But if you jump into making a huge change in your life, you will encounter a bigger resistance. Start slow to avoid change fatigue.

Your why isn’t big enough

Pain and discomfort pushes people towards action. But what happens when that comfort kicks in? In order to keep yourself motivated, you need to ask yourself about your end goal, and keep your eyes on the prize. When you don’t know your why, there is nothing to fight for, and nothing to keep you motivated along the way.

Key Quotes

When there is something I don’t want to do, I ask myself where I am going to be in 60-90 days if I continue to let this happen. – Greg McDaniel

Stop making promises that you know you are not going to keep. – Monica Weakley

Our life is a collection of systems that produce certain results. These systems took years to create and refine, and when change appears, you will face resistance. You may get pumped after watching a motivational video or a book and want to change the whole system, but the truth is, you can’t change what you built in decades by Monday morning. There are a few people who can push themselves to make major changes in their system and sustain those changes, but those are the outliers.

Guest Bio

Monica Weakley is an experienced real estate agent with over 5 years in a position of leadership at Keller Williams Advisors and a coach at My coach, Monica. Her approach to real estate is focused on building relationships and creating repeat clients and referrals.

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