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Many top agents make money but struggle with long work hours and have little time for themselves and their families. What can you do as an agent to save time without making a financial compromise? What’s the most valuable hire for a busy agent? And how can you make money just by networking with other agents? In this episode, Amy Broghamer shares how she achieved freedom without losing money.

The more value you add, the more valuable you become. -Amy Broghamer

Three Things We Learned

Build a network of skilled agents

Don’t be afraid to carve out a niche for yourself and work with only people who are a good fit for you. At the same time, you can make money even if someone isn’t a good fit. Network with highly skilled agents from different niches and send over clients who aren’t a good fit for you. This way, you still make some money without taking over more work.

The best first hire is a transaction coordinator

The best part about a transaction coordinator is not only that you can send them some of the things you don’t have time to do, but you also pay them a flat fee per each transaction. This will both save you money and time spent replying to emails and managing paperwork.

Build systems

Documenting everything and knowing the steps and how to speed up the process not only makes things easier for you and your staff. You just have to build the system once, and after you are done, you can just replicate it and save time on each transaction.

Key Quotes

I love systems but partially because I understand the link between systems and freedom. – Matt Johnson

I love to receive a 25% referral fee for doing nothing but making a connection. That’s the best money you can make. -Amy Broghamer

In your branding efforts, make sure you don’t use your picture too much. It’s safer to attach your name to the brand, but not your face. If you do use your face, all of your clients will have an expectation to work with you directly, which is not possible in most cases. This will also sabotage your efforts of recommending other agents and receiving a referral fee.

Guest Bio

Amy Broghamer is a team leader at Amy B in Cincinnati, Ohio, and a real estate coach at Amy B. Experience Success Speaking and Coaching. Her goal is to help agents build systems to increase their passive income via referrals and make money without sacrificing their time with family and friends.

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