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The hiring process can be brutal. Often times, you’re flooded by resumes, and only a small percentage have both the soft and the hard skills you’re looking for in your ideal candidate. But how can you weed out the good from the bad? What should be your expectations when it comes to the hard skills of your next hire? Are top agents looking to join teams? And most of all, what’s the magical word that you can put into your ad that will scare the candidates that don’t understand what real estate is all about? In this episode, Wizehire founder, Jay Niblick shares the 3 things you should know before you make the hire.

Bringing someone on your team is like getting married. You are going to be around these people almost as much as you are going to be around your spouse. -Greg McDaniel.

Three Things We Learned

Put everyone on a probationary period

There are traits that can’t be measured by personality tests, and character is one of them. This is why it’s good to set an expectation from the beginning that new hires will go through a probationary period. You will spend a lot of hours every day near your hires, so why would you keep someone who doesn’t meet your standards?

Top agents don’t need teams to share their commission with

Many team leaders make the mistake of expecting agents that can jump into their business and crush it right out of the gate. But the truth is that teams are not mini brokerages. And a top agent doesn’t need the help of a team, so why would he or she split their commission with you? Instead, you need to search for talented and capable people and coach them into becoming top agents.

Mention “sales” in your ad

Many people become agents for the wrong reasons. Some like homes and interior design, and others enjoy the idea of doing open houses. But at the core, being a real estate agent is being a salesperson. For this reason, you should mention the word “sales” in your add. You might scare off the candidates who look for a comfortable job office and attract those who are comfortable working on a commission.

Key Quotes

Teams are not mini brokers. You can’t act like a mini broker and say good luck. -Jay Niblick

I like putting everyone on a probationary period just to get started. -Jay Niblick

Bringing someone on your team is like getting married. You will spend a lot of time around them, probably as much as you spend with your family. The wrong people make you lose money and time, as you’ll have to search again to replace the bad hire. By using personality assessments and clearly stating in the ad that this is a sales position, you can weed out some of the bad hires. But in the end, what matters the most is that you use a probationary period. There are still variables that can’t be measured, and stating from the beginning that they will go through a probationary period makes your life easier.

Guest Bio

Jay Niblick is the founder of Wize Hire, a real estate recruiting software with a data-driven approach to the hiring process. You can take the personality test mentioned on this episode at

Karri Flatla is an experienced realtor and team leader with a background in marketing. She worked as a copywriter and web marketing consultant. Today, she is the team leader at Karri Flatla & Associates in Lethbridge, Canada.

Gene Volpe is the founder of GVI Media and has over 10 years of experience in real estate marketing. With over 200 transactions under his belt, Gene is known as an authority in his field and is often invited to speak at events. You can find more about Gene at

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