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Agents often have a hard time benefiting from new softwares and technology, even though most agents use at least a CRM. How can technology bring the “wow” factor and help you get the listing? What is the biggest money waster in real estate? How can you integrate every software you have and simplify your processes? In this episode, Chace Oldmixon, Gene Volpe, and Karri Flatla talk about technology, selling homes in neighborhoods with new constructions, and making your listing stand out.

Tech can help, but you actually need a system for how you want things done. – Matt Johnson

Three Things We Learned

Drone photography brings the element of novelty to the table

Novelty is a powerful tool. Call your videographer to the listing presentation and whether you give us the listing or not, this drone footage will be yours. While drones are not a new technology, they’re still underused, and it’s often exciting for the homeowner to see how much you invest into the presentation of their home.

Technology can often be overwhelming

There are many CRM’s that do the same things but are marketed to different markets. Agents often end up paying more for software that overcomplicates things, or for technology that they never use because they don’t know how to use it. You don’t need a sophisticated software if it doesn’t make your life easier and isn’t integrated into your current systems.

Faulty lead systems are the biggest money wasters in real estate

One of the biggest time and money wasters in real estate is not nurturing the leads you’ve paid for. Building an online presence, funnels, and paying for advertising are useless if you don’t have the resources to follow-up on each lead within minutes.

Key Quotes

I’ve been designing my processes and systems since the day I’ve got my license. – Karri Flatla

It’s extremely expensive, once you have a perception in the mind of the public, to change that perception. – Matt Johnson

Technology is supposed to make your life simpler and integrate perfectly into your systems. But in many cases, software makes an agent’s life more complicated because it requires a learning curve. Also, when you work with many types of software, things tend to get complicated because you need to transfer the data needs between them. Before you purchase any piece of software, make sure that you have an integration system or you work with someone who can help you pick the software you need and know how to use.

Guest Bio

Chace Oldmixon is the founder of Chace Oldmixon consulting and the consumer evangelist at Real Sync. He has a background in sales and now helps brokerages and team leaders figure out how they can integrate technology into their systems and make their lives easier in the process.

Karri Flatla is an experienced realtor and team leader with a background in marketing. She worked as a copywriter and web marketing consultant. Today, she is the team leader at Karri Flatla & Associates in Lethbridge, Canada.

Gene Volpe is the founder of GVI Media and has over 10 years of experience in real estate marketing. With over 200 transactions under his belt, Gene is known as an authority in his field and is often invited to speak at events. You can find more about Gene at

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