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Productivity in a fast-paced world is a struggle, especially when there always new things appearing on our plates. But what does it mean to be productive as a real estate agent? How can you shake off the feeling of not being productive enough? And how do you fix the lack of drive? In this episode, we speak about how to become more productive by narrowing your focus.

What’s the one thing I can do that makes everything easier or unnecessary? -Matt Johnson

Three Things We Learned

How to shake off the guilt of not feeling productive enough

Sometimes we may appear to be productive to the outside world, but if we don’t do the things we think we should to, we still feel lazy and unproductive. Sometimes we avoid doing hard and uncomfortable tasks, but it could also be that we might set unrealistic expectations for ourselves.

You can have fun and work at the same time

Social media platforms are often labeled as time wasters. But if you’re spending time on Facebook, you could also contact people. Post useful content and stay in touch with previous clients and prospects. Many people are willing to work with a real estate agent but never do because some agents aren’t keeping in touch.

Ask yourself what lifestyle you want and what you are willing to sacrifice for it

We often fail to get started or lack motivation due to the fact that our why is not big enough. If we aren’t willing to make the sacrifices needed to reach our goals, then we might be running in the wrong race or seeking to accomplish something we may think we should rather than something that will make us happy.

Key Quotes

If you are being productive but you are still avoiding the things that mentally you think you are supposed to be doing, you are still going to turn on yourself. -Matt Johnson

Things will move. They will shift and change. But as long as you know that and you can stay focused on what’s in front of you, you will be totally fine. -Greg McDaniel

The biggest reason why we get overwhelmed is because we don’t eliminate all the tasks that aren’t as important to our goal. As a consequence, we set unrealistic expectations, and when we fail to reach those, we feel miserable. Focus on picking one thing, the one thing that makes everything else unnecessary or easier to do, and include it in your daily schedule.

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