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The rise of internet has brought more lead sources, but few of those leads convert. What are your options when it comes to attracting leads that are more likely to convert? Why is Facebook a better lead generation platform, and what kind of content should you use? What kind of content should you post on groups? In this episode, James Rembert shares the strategies he uses to help his clients ditch Zillow and get more sales from Facebook.

Video is essential, and as much as we want to take that as an option, video is not an option for us as agents. -James Rembert

Three Things We Learned

Home evaluations no longer work

When everyone offers the same thing, the message gets diluted. Paid advertising is all about unexpected, high-quality content that your audience isn’t seeing every day. The easiest route to creating interesting content is to write home lists or guides about the neighborhood where the property is found, or anything lifestyle driven.

Leverage Facebook groups

Find Facebook groups with people that you have something in common with, or with people that you know need your help. If you are an agent who is into fitness, join a fitness group. You never know when someone on there will be interested in watching a video about a park in your neighborhood and the houses listed on there.

Leads are a byproduct of building relationships

Facebook is great for getting your message out there, but it won’t generate leads. The relationships you build are your lead generators. Social media platforms help you get more eyes on your content. The challenge is to create content that is of interest to your audience, and build a relationship with them.

Key Quotes

Home evaluation is the worst strategy to implement when it comes to Facebook advertising, mainly because it’s in abundance. -James Rembert

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Do you know what 30 seconds of video is worth? -Greg McDaniel

The strongest relationship builder is video. People love stories, and the most attention grabbing way to tell a story and share all the details is using video. The secret to successful videos is focusing on the quality of the information you provide without even mentioning that you are a real estate agent. If they are interested in finding out more, they will click on your page and find out what you do for a living anyway.

Guest Bio

James Rembert is the Zillow Killer. Using Facebook, he provides marketing solutions to real estate agents who want to get high-quality leads without investing large amounts of money in platforms like Zillow. You can find out more about James and his work at and for coaching you can find more information at

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