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Both sellers and buyers work with the agents they know well, not the agents they’ve never heard about. How do you make sure more people know about you? Should you post content on social media? Should you market yourself as a jack of all trades or as an expert in one niche? In this episode, we talk about the importance of being top-of-mind and narrowing down your focus.

This is a game of eyeballs and ears. If we can capture the eyeballs and we capture the ears, we can get the business. -Greg McDaniel

Three Things We Learned

Find a category where you can be king

If you are new to the area and surrounded by older agents, it’s harder for you to be on top when your competition has been around for 10 or more years. But you don’t have to be the top Realtor. You can be the listing expert, or whatever suits your skills and talents. You don’t have to market yourself as a jack of all trades.

The 80-20 rule for content creation

Many agents either create too much content that has nothing to do with real estate or content that is only about real estate. You have to find a sweet spot between being someone who is just a realtor and posting content for fun. You need to humanize your brand, but at the same time you have speak about what you do for a living. If you can do 80% fun and 20% business, you are not going to fail.

Narrow down your focus

You may get mentally bored and try to focus on three things at the same time. But marketing is all about focus, not about going wide. Instead of building two businesses at the same time or trying to break into two niches, focus on only one. Unfortunately, most of these ventures fail because you can only spread yourself so much.

Key Quotes

If you can’t be the realtor that they know, you have to be the listing specialist or the person who helps first-time home buyers. -Matt Johnson

We don’t like to restrict ourselves to focusing on stuff because mentally we get bored even though the money is in the niche. -Matt Johnson

Your audience won’t remember you if you don’t find a way to stand out. In a competitive market, the riches are in niches and uniqueness. Everyone says they are the best agent in the area, but that doesn’t really say anything about them. You have to be more specific about what you do and why they should work with you. The best way to get other people to remember you is to be more than the realtor who pushes listings on social media. At least 80% of your content should fall under the “fun” umbrella, the type of content that shows your human side. You don’t need more than 20% to be focused on your business. If they like you and they know what you do, they will come to you.

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