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Converting leads over the phone is getting harder and harder. But why does this happen? Do people no longer want to be contacted over the phone? What is the best platform to be on right now as a real estate agent or team leader? On this episode, we discuss the death of phone prospecting in the near future and the rise of social media.

I don’t think we are really that far off that day of Alexa taking care of initial stages of buyer consultations. -Matt Johnson

Three Things We Learned

Google assistant might replace some of the admin work

Some assistant and admin work might disappear because Google is working on an assistant that will speak to service providers, clients, etc. Alexa is also not far behind from dealing with the initial stages of buyer consultations.

Adobe Capture CC takes photos of designs and saves the font and colors

If you’ve ever had someone design a brochure, you know how hard it is to recreate it. First you have to look for a similar font and then you need to pinpoint the right color. Adobe Capture CC helps you find both the font and the color just by taking a photo of a design you like.

Social media will be a shield against direct contact

Nobody answers to phone numbers they don’t know anymore, but everyone reads their texts. Social media will work as a shield between aggressive salespeople who want to push their services and prospects. You will no longer give a phone call unless the prospect gives you their contact information and is ready to move to the next stage.

Key Quotes

 We are going to start using Facebook and Instagram to shield ourselves from having uncomfortable conversations. -Matt Johnson

This technology is going to weed out the ones who can’t keep pace with it. –Gene Volpe

Technological changes will force real estate agents to go full-time and learn more about technology and how people want to be contacted. Some people may lose their jobs, but those who learn how to use technology as tools to sell more and make their lives easier will thrive.

Tools such as Google Assistant and Alexa will only get better in time, but they won’t be able to replace human contact.

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