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Converting leads over the phone is getting harder and harder. But why does this happen? Do people no longer want to be contacted over the phone? What is the best platform to be on right now as a real estate agent or team leader? On this episode, we discuss the death of phone prospecting in the near future and the rise of social media.

Now we are starting to use the phone as an insular so we don’t have to talk with the people we don’t know. -Matt Johnson

Three Things We Learned

Prospect on the right platform

Newer platforms make people more open and willing to look at content published by strangers. Facebook has already become a place where it’s harder to go viral and create business accounts that thrive. The reason behind this is that it’s users are more interested in the posts of their friends and family as opposed to content pushed by businesses. Instagram is now the platform where you should be promoting your business. It’s both new and popular enough to expose your content to a large audience.

Calling prospects will disappear in the near future

Calling prospects will either become illegal or it will no longer be culturally accepted. Most people don’t pick up the phone if they don’t know who is calling. Social media, on the other hand, is a safer way to interact. Platforms like Instagram attract through their novelty, and they don’t make people uncomfortable either.

Don’t ask people to buy from you

Nobody wants to be sold to. As a result, messages where you ask people to contact you if they need your services rarely work. Focus on building rapport first. You can’t ask for somebody’s trust and hard earned money if they don’t know who you are and what you do.

Key Quotes

In less than 3 years, prospecting calls are going to be dead. -Greg McDaniel

If you are going to do messages on Instagram or Facebook Messenger, make sure it’s a value prop move, not a sales move. -Greg McDaniel

People are attracted to novelty. In the past, we were more open to picking up the phone and interacting with strangers. Today, we are no longer comfortable speaking with people we don’t know. Social media platforms are the same. In the beginning, we are attracted by its novelty and are more open to connecting with strangers. As time passes, we are less likely to connect with people outside our family, friends, and business contacts. Platforms like Instagram, where there is still novelty, are the places to go and push content to promote yourself.

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