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From digital marketing tactics, to door knocking, every agent chases the same thing- the listing. But how can you stand out when the competition is fierce and often times more experienced? How do you attract buyers before the home hits the market and how can you stand out at a listing presentation? In this episode, bestselling author and top agent, Ray Wood, shares his tactics for winning listings.

The gestation time when somebody thinks about selling and until they actually get the market is give or take, the average time, 12 months.- Ray Wood

Three Things We Learned

Use direct mail to let attract buyers

Send out mail asking if someone is interested in buying a certain house before it even hits the market. This will not only help you get buyers easily but also show people who want to sell in the future how active you are in the area.

Go door knocking if you want to crack a new area

Door knocking works even against experienced agents as long as you come with news and information that others will find useful. Don’t be aggressive about it, just inform everyone about the average home prices of the market, ask them if they want to find the value of their home and so on.

Don’t go only after the sale

Many agents pay attention only to seller who want to sell now. But what about the home owners who want to sell one year from now?  The gestation time from thinking about selling your property to actually getting it on the market is around 12 months. So if someone is coming on the market in 12 months why you wouldn’t want to give them any attention?

Key Quotes

A book would be the ultimate pre-listing package. – Matt Johnson

The best agents I know spend 2-3 solid hours per day prospecting-Ray Wood

If you are just entering the house of the homeowner and getting to look around and give them an estimate, you won’t stand out. They will decide if they want to work with your based on your commission only. Have a talk with the seller before you start looking around the house. Ask them directly what are the things an agent can do to serve them better. What are their motivations? Also, make sure you provide free value to get tap into the law of reciprocity as well. It could be in the form of a free professional photo shooting of their home or a free estimate of repairs that need to be done from a professional.

Guest Bio

Ray Wood is a 4th generation of real estate agents, an serial entrepreneur, bestselling author and podcast host. He is currently involved in Jigglar ( a creative marketing tool for real estate agents), ( real estate software) and Online Real Estate Coach. Go to to get some great content.

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