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Your business is just a small part of a bigger puzzle. The way you think about life, about your own potential and capacities, is all expressed in the way you handle your business as well. But what do you when your own mind stands in the way of succeeding? What happens when you don’t really know what you want, what your goals are, and how to reach them? Is criticism and loneliness at times part of the journey? In this episode, Kathleen Black shares the tactics she uses on her coaching clients to help them succeed.

Sacrificing for success is usually not one of the things that we think that are bad for us. It’s giving up the good in favor of the great. -Matt Johnson

Three Things We Learned

Write down your goals as detailed as possible

The purpose of writing down your goals is to find two things: your own idea of success and the roadmap to get there. You will be surprised how many roads lead to the accomplishment of your goal. Experiment and find what works for you.

Sacrifice the good to achieve the great

One of the biggest mental roadblocks is the idea that sacrifice is deprivation. When you don’t feel deprived, there is nothing to sacrifice. But the truth is that you often will have to sacrifice the good, your comfort zone, to achieve the great.

Be ready to face criticism and loneliness

Whether we like it or not, some people don’t want us to succeed. This would be only a reminder for them that they settled for less. Many times you will face criticism from your family and friends for not taking the “traditional” route, the route they took. Using positive affirmations and reviewing your goals daily will help you cope and focus on the things that matter to you.

Key Quotes

We can’t be everything we have the potential to be because the only way to reach our potential in one area is to throw ourselves and focus on that area. -Matt Johnson

You can’t look at your business as a little box. It’s part of a bigger puzzle. -Kathleen Black

What if you could travel into the future and see yourself succeeding? Letter of the future is a visualization process for an ideal future. You write a letter back to yourself as if it happened the way you wanted and encourage your present self to keep on going. Depending on your goals, you can write letters like this with 1, 5 or 10 years of vision statements. Seal the letter and read it when after 1 to 5 years, depending on how you determine your vision for the future. The goal of this exercise is to give you a taste of your own success and to keep you motivated to reach it.

Guest Bio

Kathleen Black is a top coach and team leader. Over 80% of her agents are in top 1% nationally. She was featured on Entrepreneur magazine, ABC , NBC and Fox News. You can find more about her at

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