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As you step into the digital realm, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There are so many ways you can promote your business. It’s easy to get buried in tasks you shouldn’t be doing yourself. How do you handle your online presence without taking all of your free time? Is productivity an issue for you? Did you try building a system before making your last hire? In this episode, social media expert Gene Volpe talks about what cases you may need someone to help you with your online presence and what cases you don’t.

Real estate is insanely boring if you don’t need it right now. People won’t engage with your open house. -Gene Volpe

Three Things We Learned

Let your audience know who you really are

Real estate can be boring for your audience, unless they need help right away. People don’t engage because of your talks about open houses. They pay attention to who you are as a person. They can find agents who are knowledgeable and can help them out everywhere. But if you create a connection with them via video or interactions on social media, they will choose you, simply because they know more about you than they know about some other agent.

Social media will take the place of sales

You don’t have to convince your prospects that you are the best anymore. You don’t have to sell them on why you are the best, because they already know who you are if they follow you on social media. Hire someone (if you don’t have the time to do it yourself) to post content regularly. The more content you post, the more you get rewarded by the algorithm.

Before you decide you are too busy, maximize your performance and build systems

Sometimes we spend hours on some tasks that should take way less if we would be more focused. There is a progression to how you build a service. First, you maximize your own performance. Second, you build a system. Third, you hire someone to free up your plate.

Key Quotes

Instagram is a medium. You still have to figure it out what your message is and who your market before you think about what your medium is. -Matt Johnson

If you operate from a space of gratitude, there is never an opportunity for you to be angry or fearful. -Gene Volpe

Many agents jump on hiring an assistant, but the first step is to find out whether you maximize your productivity, and then you need to build systems to help you out. Only when when these two steps fail to help you handle your clients, should you look for someone to help. You should also be careful with how many leads you want to attract. Even if you decided that you will hire more people, the process of training and hiring someone takes some time.

Guest Bio

Gene Volpe is the founder of GVI Media and has over 10 years of experience in real estate marketing. With over 200 transactions under his belt, Gene is known as an authority in his field and is often invited to speak at events. You can find more about Gene at

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