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You may already be trying to build up an online image for your business, but how consistent are your efforts? Are you using the right lead generation tools tailored to your business size? What do you use to weed out people who are curious about the price of homes in their neighborhoods vs potential customers? In this episode, Matt Johnson and Greg McDaniel answer questions on promoting yourself online, lead generation, and AI.

If you want to appear bigger than you really are, it’s very, very easy. Hop on Facebook live and Instagram stories and just start broadcasting live and share what you are learning -Matt Johnson

Three Things We Learned

Consistent marketing efforts increases your authority and credibility

Publishing content consistently makes you look authoritative. People remember you. It doesn’t take much to make a few videos each week and send them to your database on social media.

This kind of consistency shows people how committed and professional you are, and it helps build relationships with the people who watch your videos.

Single vs. team leaders lead generation sources

Single agents should not copy big team leaders. They have a bigger budget and a team that deals with lead generation, follow-up, etc. If you don’t have those kind of resources, stay away from digital marketing as a lead source and focus on leveraging your database.

Use AI to weed out “lookers” from leads

Invest in softwares that send automated messages to save you time and money when dealing with people who may or may not be interested in working with you. When they do reply, call them or text them personally.

Key Quotes

Be a student of the business and bring valuable information to the general public. -Greg McDaniel

Go to a local college. Tell them what you need done and see who needs the internship work, and get some work done for free. -Greg McDaniel

Single agents are better off strengthening their relationships with their sphere instead of trying to invest in SEO or online advertising. These tactics take time to work. Plus, you need a bigger budget and a team to do a proper follow-up with your leads. Being active on social media and  publishing videos and educational content will let people in your sphere and database know what you are all about. As a result, they will contact you when they are in need for help.

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