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Technology opens new doors for agents and creates shortcuts when it comes to discovering the value of a property and how we do lead generation. How do you use technology to make yourself look more professional in front of both sellers and buyers? Will technology replace face-to-face meetings? In this episode, Bernice Ross will share how technology disrupts the real estate market and what aspects of real estate will remain unchanged.

The average person knows 12 different realtors, and they hire the person they’ve seen most recently, so this means you need to be face to face. -Bernice Ross

Three Things We Learned

Share in-depth reports with your customers

You can set yourself apart by giving detailed information to both sellers and buyers using online services that give free reports such as This will show you a 30-page report on weather risks, sex offenders in the area, and everything you need to know about a property and its surroundings.

Keep track of where open houses perform the best

Send out all the information necessary to the people who walk into the open house. There are many softwares out there that can help you not only share a report about the property but also build a profile that shows you in what areas open houses bring the most sales.

Face-to-face meetings beat online lead generation

The average person knows around 12 realtors, and they contact the realtor they’ve seen most recently. Online generation tools are yet to beat in-person experiences and open houses when it comes to lead generation.

Key Quotes

If you want to find out what they are most likely to buy, ask them about their favorite house from their childhood. -Bernice Ross

I think the consumer does want something between them and the agent because they aren’t ready to do something yet. -Matt Johnson

Agents make the mistake of confusing responders with leads. Just because someone completed a form online that will allow them to see a home doesn’t mean that they are interested in buying right now. Putting more respondents in touch with AI instead of being contacted by an agent, weeds out the people who are simply looking from those who want to make a move right now. Consumers will benefit from it as well since they will be contacted only when they show more interest in buying a home.

Guest Bio

Bernice L. Ross is the CEO of Real Estate Coach, author, speaker, and coach in the real estate industry for over 30 years. She also hold a Phd. in Psychology, authored  numerous best-selling books, and has over 1,000 published articles.

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