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Our point of view is the lens through which we see our lives. However, often times we take mindsets as they are. We don’t question them. But what happens when out past attitudes get in the way and we no longer perform like we used to? Should you question every piece of advice you received? Does being busy equal being productive? Are you blinded by the shiny side of success? On this episode, Gene Volpe and Andy Scherer share their growth stories and mistakes they’ve made along the way.

What a lot of people fail to understand is that you are negotiating for time every single day. -Andy Scherer

Three Things We Learned

Being busy instead of being productive

One of the biggest mistakes we make is staying busy instead of being productive. To fix this, you have to be aware of how much time you actually spend working and what external factors impact your work. Keeping a time journal can shed some light on what you actually do with your time.

Don’t be fooled by the shiny side of success

Most of us love reading success stories. If he or she can do it, it means I can do it too. The problem with this is that most of those stories don’t show the grind, the missed holidays, and the early mornings and late nights spent working. As a society, we tend to gravitate around our comfort zones, and anything that breaks that line is seen as unpleasant. The truth is that in order to see massive results, you need to take massive action.

Question why you do the things you do

We often see ourselves pressured to do certain things without even questioning them. And often times the actions we take don’t make any sense because of it. It could be a coaching program, or it could be a marketing plan. Don’t just take it. Instead, question it. Ask yourself if it’s the best thing for you and your business.

Key Quotes

You have to take massive action. Completely retool yourself. All of us have every ounce of potential to be everything we want -Greg McDaniel

We think that rebranding our website and coming up with the perfect logo color are going to make a difference, when really we have nothing new to say to the market.  -Matt Johnson

Because of the low entry barrier, many agents seem to forget that selling homes is a career path, and like anything else, it needs professional practice. You can’t afford to avoid spending at least 30 minutes per day listening to a podcast, audiobook, or reading a book relevant to your work. The rise of technology increased the rate at which the industry is changing, and as new tools appear, there is always something new to learn about.

Guest Bio

Andy is a coach at Pillar 9 Coaching. As leader and change agent, he has been able to successfully implement communication strategies, operations management, social program design, marketing integration, community collaborations, and engagement initiatives. Get in touch , call 203.257.5279 or find him on Facebook

Gene Volpe is the founder of GVI Media , speaker and local marketing expert. He has over 9 years of experience in the marketing arena. He is also well versed in the real estate field including buying, selling, renting, marketing and consulting on over 200 real estate transactions. He is an expert in brand establishment and elevation and remains on the cutting edge of real estate marketing with a hard focus on video and social media. Go to for more information.

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