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Many agents make the mistake of bringing buyers on a property before they have any discussions beforehand, which makes the whole process chaotic. How can you convince your prospects to sit down and have a talk with you about what their dream home looks like? How can you make them understand the paperwork? Most importantly, how can you convince them that you have the systems and the experience that will save them from unpleasant situations? On this episode, Karri Flatla speaks about how she makes prospects come to her before seeing a property.

People want to be led. If they didn’t want your leadership, they would go and do things on their own. -Karri Flatla

Three Things We Learned

Use gentle, pre-qualifying questions

Pitch your questions as a benefit to them, to find out more about their needs and desires. If you use the right tone and come off as genuinely interested, you’ll find out about what kind of properties they want to see and how serious they are about it. This tactic applies to both buyers and sellers.

Send materials along with a discussion agenda

If you want to save time and make sure your prospects know what’s coming, you need to warm them up with informational material. Send them a presentation with how they can make their best from buying/selling a property, along with a short discussion agenda. Always call them to confirm if they can come to see you at the office. Sometimes they can’t show up, and waiting for them will only waste your time.

Use a buyer guide to address concerns

The hardest part about making them sign the papers is explaining what the contract involves and what will happen after they sign it. This is your opportunity to show your prospects how well-prepared you are. Craft a buyer guide that touches all kinds of concerns and use it as a tool to address their fears. Depending on their personality type, all of your prospects have something that keeps them up at night. Make sure your buyer guide covers everything.

Key Quotes

It’s that systematic fallback or process that makes all the difference and gives them the blanket even if they find something that they don’t quite have the answer to. -Matt Johnson

They are comforted by the fact that you have a proven and tested system put in place.You have to sell it a little bit, but you have to be confident. -Karri Flatla

Meeting with your prospects in an office is all about atmosphere control. You want to look professional and prepared for the unexpected. For most people, buying a home is the biggest purchase of a lifetime, and you can’t really look professional or have a proper conversation during an open house. Conversations in open houses can often make you look unreliable, especially if the property owners are still living there and have kids or pets making noise.

Guest Bio

Karri Flatla is an associate broker, a home strategist, and a team leader at RE/MAX Real Estate Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. You can find Karri at

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