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In this business it’s so easy to lose your soul and find yourself running after the wrong things. How do you combat the feeling that you’ll never arrive? What is the secret to happiness in our lives? How do you set yourself up for better days? On this episode, James Colburn is back to go deep on some important mindset shifts we all need.

When the internal and external person start to meet and become one, we start to become whole. -James Colburn

Three Things We Learned

The possibilities of real estate can be a gift and a curse

One of the worst parts and the best parts of our business is there’s no ceiling to what you can make. It’s bad because you can put a ceiling on yourself very easily and limit yourself. It’s good because when you elevate yourself, the ceiling will rise.

Stop feeling like you’ll never arrive because you never will

It’s very easy to spend your time comparing yourself to other people, and trying to catch up to them but the irony is you’ll never stop chasing. The truth about feeling like you’ll never arrive is that it will always be a hamster wheel. So instead of competing, tell yourself and believe strongly that you are already enough.

Learn to listen to the Universe’s prompts

A lot of times the Universe prompts us to get in touch with someone and if you can follow that and trust your gut you will find that it can lead you to great opportunities and relationships.

Key Quotes

There’s value and contribution in each of us, you just need to fully show up not thinking that someday you will arrive. -James Colburn

The people that are the happiest accept that life is what it is, and that the stories they tell themselves about it are what determines whether they are actually happy or not. -Matt Johnson

We’re not going to appeal to every single person and there are reasons beyond us why they are not going to work with us. -James Colburn

Contrary to what we’re so often taught by the media – it doesn’t take a certain amount of money or a certain level of success to feel like you’ve arrived. When you were born you were already enough and nothing can take that away from you. We have to learn to accept that life is good in its imperfection, with the ups and downs we experience. We will only truly find happiness when we understand that the stories we tell ourselves are what determine how we feel and the outcomes we get.

Guest Bio

James Colburn is a serial entrepreneur with vast experience in real estate, consulting and sales. He is also the author of RESUCCEED and creator of the EPIC EVENING RITUAL. Go to for more information or to download a chapter of his book.

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