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In this episode, we talk about great apps and strategies to sell property fast. Have you ever wondered what the best apps are for real estate? Or wondered what’s the best way to use them? What are the potential benefits of selling at an auction? Matt and Greg are joined by Dave Fresquez, a master of tech, to talk about how to best use tech and auctions to sell properties fast and for a lot of money.

It’s all about marketing and positioning, and can you position it in such a way that it’s worth what you want to charge to the buyer. -Matt Johnson

Three Things We Learned

Videos are a great tool

Videos are an easy way to make your desired first impression. People love fun videos, and if you can grab them with something unique and very much your brand, you’ve already made the right first impression. Make something short and fun to tell the world who you are.

People love quizzes

Quizzes are an easy way not just to get people involved with your brand, but they’ll be interactive and will act as a mobile add. If you’ve made a fun quiz, people will want to share it with their friends and family, plus they’ll associate your brand with fun.

Auctions are a great way to sell certain properties.

When it comes to luxury homes or houses that have been on the market a while, auctions might be the best way to go. Auctions create a certain sense of urgency because people start thinking about deals and getting a good one, so it’s not hard to fill the seats. When it comes to luxury homes, auctions might be the best way to go because there’s nothing else to compare the property to, so it really comes down to what people are willing to pay.

Key Quotes

“Using video is a great way to capture their attention. You only get one first impression and a quick nice video is a good way to do that” -Dave Fresquez

“You start building relationships with business owners who already have relationships with the homeowners you want to work with” -Matt Johnson

In this episode we talked about two very different things: Tech/apps, and luxury auctions. Tech and apps are a great place to start and use to build and actioning luxury properties is a great place to end up. This episode is filled with great apps you can get started with today, but also with great tips on how to use them. Although actions sound risky, we broke down the benefits of it, and some best practices for making sure you can sell the property for as much as possible.

Guest Bio

For more from Dave Fresquez, you can find him at myrealestatebuddy on social media or at

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