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Human beings are conditioned to focus on the negative. How does this only lead to more negativity in your life? Why are our thoughts so powerful? What are the three steps to making your dreams come true? On this episode, we talk to author, coach and speaker, Dr. Hank Seitz who shares how to make the universe your own personal Amazon, and becoming happy for no reason.

99% of everything we create starts with our mind, 1% is inspired action.– Dr. Hank Seitz

Three Things We Learned

Bad things are blessings

It’s so necessary to figure out the what and the why of what we want because that will allow things to align so that the who, when and where are done for us ask. Even the bad things that happen to us are a blessing because they birth what we do want, and allow course corrections.


Thought, Energy and Experience

There are three steps to making your dreams come true. First you have to have the thought, then you have to apply energy to the thought, and finally this leads to matter or your reality.


Change what you say

If you want to change your life and get what you want, you also have to change what you say and your verbiage. A lot of the times we use negative words which are low vibration. Start using higher vibrational words, like saying “things will play out” instead of “things will work out.”

Key Quotes

If you have the power to think it, God has the power to deliver it into your experience at the perfect time in the perfect portion.– Dr. Hank Seitz

The way you see things, colors everything in your day.– Greg McDaniel

Most of us think asking for what we want is just about stating it out loud, but it’s also about the thoughts and language we cultivate within ourselves. The more you cultivate the good things, the more you’ll attract cooperative components to create the life you desire. If you just keep on thinking about what you want and have the trust and faith that things will happen in your favor one step at a time, things will change. Start expecting a little more of what you want everyday and start asking for miracles. If you can allow, believe and expect the good things, they will surely come to you.

Guest Bio

Dr. Hank is a bestselling author, coach and speaker. He was recently named America’s Premier Expert in Business and Performance Development and is also a best selling author. His most recent book “The Happiest Man In The World”, is an autobiography that shares with the reader how they too can overcome any and all challenges and be happy and thrive in their lives. To get in touch, go to or call 214.753.7204.


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