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A lot of people in real estate can’t differentiate between a database and a list of suspects. How does seeking relationships solve this problem? Can you sell a prospect on your ability to negotiate and solve problems? Why are relationships at the center of any strong real estate business? On this episode, we answer these questions in a live Q&A session.

A lot of people make the misconception that if they have a list of contacts it can have the same effect as someone’s database, and of course that’s not true.– Matt Johnson

Three Things We Learned

Use Instagram to give people an inside peek into what it takes to be you

Don’t just post about open houses, you have to sell the whole neighborhood. A lot of what you do is interesting so why not take photos of that and show it to your followers?


Present on What Prospects Care About

Being able to effectively solve problems and negotiate are intangibles the your clients don’t really care about. What they care about is your marketing and ability to launch their home onto their market, whether they like you and if you like their home.


There’s a difference between a database and a list of suspects

If you have a relationship with a list of people, that’s a database. You only have a true database if people know who you are and there’s some level of connection and maybe even trust and likability.

Key Quotes

If you’re involved in any way in real estate there’s gotta be something you’re doing everyday that you can snap a quick photo of that people would find interesting. – Matt Johnson

If we go in and try to make a presentation based on what we think they should care about that’s going to fall flat.– Matt Johnson

Effectively solving problems and negotiating are two things that are very difficult to put across as a competitive edge or the reason why someone should hire you as an agent because they are very intangible skill sets to prove. Real estate as a profession exists because people don’t want to know about the problems. If you really want to convince someone that you’re right for the job, show them your ability to launch their home onto their market. Remember what we think they should care about is not what they actually care about. Also bear in mind that the basis of a database isn’t a list of contacts, but the existence of a relationship.


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