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When you want to be successful in your local market, you need to always stay on top of your marketing and lead generation. What are the most effective ways for targeted segment marketing? How do you make an open house successful? And how do you manage your team effectively? Dan Lesniak joins us to talk about this and more.

I started with one condo building. Those buyers were moving into bigger condos nearby or town homes. I ended up getting 50% of the market share in that condo building in my first year.– Dan Lesniak

Three Things We Learned

Keep it personal


When putting yourself out there, it’s important to keep a presence in your local community. That helps with your lead generation and networking and it means that you create rapport with potential clients even before meeting them.


Perfect your open house strategy


There is a lot of advice out there on how to make your open houses effective. Cherry-pick all the best tips and make them work for you. Scope out your market, know your agents and that way you’ll have more successful open houses than before.


Think outside the leadership box.


There are different ways in which you can make your team work and these all depend on the specific personalities of the people in your team. Don’t just stick to a 9-5 work routine. Use Google Hangouts, phone calls, emails and other ways to work from a distance. The more ground you can cover as a team the better.

Key Quotes

You don’t want to go for the ‘easy’ button, you want to go with the ‘logical’ button.– Greg McDaniel

Getting out, going face-to-face, belly-to-belly with these people – nothing’s ever going to take the power of that away.– Greg McDaniel

When you think about marketing, it’s important to remember that building rapport starts before you meet the client. Make a name for yourself in the community you want to work in, the more you work towards becoming a household name in the world of real estate, the better. Don’t underestimate the power of face-to-face interaction. No amount of digital communication can ever replace sitting next to someone at a barbecue and talking about your interests. Finally, trust your team and keep communication open with them – you never know where the best advice will come from.

Guest Bio

Dan Lesniak started his real estate career in 2011. Since then, he has become one of the most productive agents in the country and his grand total adds up to $250 million in sales. Dan’s tactic is creating tailored programmes and backgrounds for his clients to reduce risk and engage with his market. Dan has lived in Arlington, VA since 2007, but he serves all of DC, Virginia and Maryland, focusing on Transit Oriented Development along the orange line of the metro. He’s the founder of Orange Line Living and Optime Realty.


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