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A lot of people use their brokerages as an excuse not to get into action. How do you know if you’ll be able to work hard within a virtual brokerage? What prevents agents from converting people from their social circles into clients? On this Q&A episode, we riff on these questions and more from our audience.

If you have a good rhythm of daily performance by yourself, a virtual brokerage is going to make you a lot more money and you’re going to have a lot more fun.-Matt Johnson

Three Things We Learned


You have to have the systems to back up the prospecting work you’re doing

In circle prospecting, you start building momentum with all the work you do, and when it does pay off, the success and results will flood you and build up very quickly. You have to have good systems to make sure you can handle all the business that will start coming.


Virtual brokerages require a self-starter

Virtual brokerages allow agents to make more money and build long-term wealth, but for you to work successfully in that environment you have to be productive on your own.  You have to be able to make the calls, reach out to your database, and get out there and get clients. You have to be able to execute on your own.


Don’t be a secret agent

The biggest reason people struggle to convert their sphere into closings is that they don’t tell people that they are in real estate. You have to tell people what you do and put them into a consistent follow up system.  

Key Quotes

You don’t get anything out of coming to real estate with an employee mentality, it’s very dangerous.– Matt Johnson

Consistently let people know what you do and how good you are at doing it. – Greg McDaniel

If you can implement without a lot of direct oversight and supervision, a virtual brokerage would be the right fit for you. The systems you’ll get there are far better than what you can get with a traditional brokerage, and you’ll be able to build wealth. The biggest thing is that you can be productive and work well independently. But ultimately, no matter where you work it will always come down to how much action you take and what you implement. You have to be a self-starter.

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