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Facebook ads can help you generate low cost real estate leads, but there’s a caveat. What don’t tell you about the quality of Facebook leads? What tools can you use to feel more competent when you’re out prospecting? On this Q&A episode we answer these questions for our audience.

If they don’t have a connection to you and a need for what you do, it will be a long-term play. -Matt Johnson

Three Things We Learned


How to get now business

When you do prospecting, you have to know that if they don’t have a connection with you or an need for what you do, you won’t be able to get now business. It will be a long-term play.


Facebook ads are cheaper but the quality isn’t always high

While it’s cheaper to generate more leads on Facebook, you have to remember that they won’t be as high quality as leads from Zillow or Trulia. People who show up on Facebook and see your ads aren’t specifically looking for real estate, they just stumble on it.


How to start nurturing relationships.

When you’re out prospecting remember not everyone is going to give you now business. Those people are people you can add to your database and send marketing to. That’s how you monetize the nos.

Key Quotes

It’s cheaper to generate leads on Facebook than just about anywhere else real estate.– Matt Johnson

You have to position yourself mentally as the knight in shining armor. – Greg McDaniel

Success in circle prospecting and being able to generate now business comes down to you serving an urgent need for someone, or already having a relationship with them in place. Without one or both of these factors this person should become a nurture in your database. You have to bring value and position yourself as the knight in shining armor.

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