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What do you do when your market starts heading downhill? How do you narrow down your group of potential successful leads? And does putting fewer people into the funnel actually benefit your business? Scott Hack joins us to give his best tips for organic lead generation.

It’s about making your internet lead generation a pillar of your business, but not the sole focus and time-sucking part of your business.-Scott Hack

Three Things We Learned


Follow the quality over quantity principle with lead generation.


Pop-up registration boxes can be useful but consider all the sifting work you have to do afterwards to figure out the genuine, useful leads. Opting for a registration box in the page where your contact details are gives potential customers the time to look through your website and decide if they want to commit to your services.


Empower your customer.


When visiting a website, people want to see prices straightaway. Filling out forms is bound to only make them frustrated. Customers want direct access to content, prices and information at their own terms. Structure your website around this principle to create a good impression.


Treat every buyer as a seller.


Don’t get too bogged down into your buyer-seller ratio. When buyers look towards selling, they will want to find someone they can trust. Build up that rapport with them and know how to read them as leads. If you build up that trust and realize the potential of buyers as seller leads, you will be in a great position to facilitate both deals.

Key Quotes

I’ve set up my system to self-qualify the higher quality leads by not forcing a lot into the funnel.– Scott Hack

Lead generation should be respondent generation. It’s your job at that point to then make yourself a human and bring the value to them so that they want to you. That’s what the big twist is. – Greg McDaniel

Organic lead generation is all about proving your value to the customer. In 99% of the cases, both buyers and sellers know what they’re looking for in an agent. It’s your job to figure it out and offer it to them. Don’t bombard them with content and information that they might not need because you’ll find yourself losing leads. Give customers control to get the content they want at their own pace, but also make your presence well-known. When you prove yourself as an agent, you also prove yourself as a confidante, and a human being. If they like who you are, they will also like working with you, so build up a successful, open, trustworthy image of yourself for the best results.

Guest Bio

Scott Hack was born in Louisville, Kentucky. His journey into real estate wasn’t a straight line, but rather a winding road with a lot of pit stops such as Yellowstone National Park and working as a restaurant owner for 5 and a half years. He joined his mother’s company, Re/Max where he got his real estate education. After three years with Re/Max, Scott branched out and opened his own brokerage, Finish Line Realty. Scott is also organizing a new generation real estate event, Real Estate Distilled. To find out more about Scott’s work, visit or

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