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A lot of real estate agents see their work as a job and not a business. How does this make it less likely that they’ll go the distance? What is the value of building a relationship-based business instead of a transaction-based business? On this Q&A episode, we answer these audience questions.

The real asset you have is the relationship you have with a group of people that see you as an expert. – Matt Johnson

Three Things We Learned


Should you text a prospect?

When it comes to texting a cold lead, the best approach is to try to call first, and then text. The younger generation is a lot more comfortable with texting, and that can work out to be a better way of communicating with those people.


Dealing with super cold leads

When you put yourself in a position where you get very cold leads, you have to bring your A-game. It’s unpredictable and it depends greatly on your ability to build a relationship quickly.  


Work to become an expert and respected professional in your market

When you know that you are an expert, it gives you that inner confidence which will carry into the conversations you have with your prospects. That confidence benefits both you and them.

Key Quotes

Build a relationship-based business not transaction-based business.– Greg McDaniel

People are going to sign the listing with you or choose to make an offer on a home through you because they like, trust and know you. They don’t care about your brokerage.– Matt Johnson

A lot of agents see this business as too much of a job. They look for way too much direction, expect brokers to be their bosses, and want to be told what to do. We’re looking for it to be structured like a job but still have the benefits of the freedom. Approaching it this way will only make it harder for you to succeed. Your goal should always be to build relationships with people who know, like and trust you because those people will be your biggest asset.

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