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A lot of entrepreneurs can’t move forward in business because they are stuck in lead generation. How can you actually grow beyond that phase? What changes has Facebook made and what do they mean for your business? What is the best way leverage your skills? On this episode we answer these and many other questions, with special guest Gene Volpe.

Put out good content that people actually like.– Gene Volpe

Three Things We Learned


If you’re making a 100 phone calls and you aren’t getting appointments that tells you something wrong with your approach

Every lead generation method requires time for you to see if it’s actually working, but if you’re making a lot of calls and you aren’t getting results that should tell you something’s wrong.


Facebook wants to deliver to more people what other people are saying is great content

Facebook feels like the platform has become too impersonal, so they want people’s timelines to feature more content from people’s friends and families. This still presents opportunities for business pages if they can promote engagement on their pages.


Go with the people experiencing the most pain

When it comes to leveraging your skills and putting them to the best use, consider going for the people that are experiencing the most pain. In real estate that means going for expireds and FSBOs.

Key Quotes

Most people aren’t aware of the stage of business they’re in because they are stuck in the phase of generating leads.– Matt Johnson

Go fail as big, as fast, and as often as you possibly can.– Greg McDaniel

There’s no such thing as making calls to make calls, that’s only step one of the process. Even though every form of lead generation requires some time between the time you start taking consistent action and the time it starts to pay off, you can still see if what you’re doing is working early. When it comes to winning with Facebook, the best way to guarantee your success is putting out really good content. To leverage your skills at the highest level, go with the people experiencing the most pain, and that’s experienced with FSBOs.


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