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A lot of agents struggle with communication because they don’t know which milestones to carry people through in the conversation. Does NLP help with this? How do you figure out and leverage the pain points of your prospects? What kind of FSBOs should you avoid at all costs? On this Q&A episode, we answer these questions.

If you genuinely come from a place of caring more about the other person more than you care about yourself, it naturally builds the rapport. – Matt Johnson

Three Things We Learned


Don’t tell people you’re a real estate agent in the voicemail

When you’re making a voicemail, the point is to get people to call you back. For the most part if you say you’re an agent in the voicemail, you lower your chances of getting a call back.

FSBOs: Don’t spend too much time on people who aren’t realistic

When it comes to dealing with FSBOs, you have to know who is worth your time and who isn’t. The toughest thing is if they have an ego thing, there’s no need for them to sell or there’s no urgent time window. If they have that, walk away.

A prospect who doesn’t want to sign till after the Super Bowl

A client might tell you they only want to put the house out after a specific event. You can counter this by bringing up the value you bring and even showing them your marketing plan so they see that it requires time. Also make sure you distinguish between a time issue or an issue they have with you.

Key Quotes

Go in with a mindset of service.– Greg McDaniel

Figure out the pain point and leverage it.– Greg McDaniel

It’s so easy to get caught up in your internal monologue and making sure you sound right, but all this does is take the focus off the prospect, which is where it should be. If you genuinely come from a place of caring you will build a strong relationship. It’s not about saying the exact right words, it’s about going in with the mindset of value.


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