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Happy New Year from Real Estate Uncensored! Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? How do you go about keeping them, and how do you gain a positive mindset to achieve your goals? In this Live Q&A, we discuss the benefits your business can gain when you have a positive outlook.

You cannot do everything the way you do your best thing.- Matt Johnson

Three Things We Learned


Focus on your strengths and ignore your weaknesses.


You cannot expect to do everything the way you do what you do best. Focus your abilities and don’t try to stretch yourself too thin, that way you can ensure that your best is truly your best. Enhance yourself in one area rather than five areas, and you will see that your productivity and satisfaction levels will grow.


Make your own routine.


Find when your peak is – morning, afternoon, or evening – and structure your day around it. You can’t copy someone else’s routine and expect it to work for you. You know your own body clock best and once you work out what schedule fits you best, you will find yourself getting more productive.


Be consistent.


People often underestimate the power of consistency. It means a lot to anyone you’re working with – be it clients, teams, or other agents – if you’re consistent in what you’ve promised to do. Deliver content consistently over Facebook and you will make a great impression.

Key Quotes

You have the opportunities you need in front of you, you just need to prioritize your time and be very intentional where you spend it. – Greg McDaniel

It’s okay to be afraid but it’s not okay to let it control you and dictate your future. – Greg McDaniel

Consistency is key for any successful business. Avoid “pivoting” – jumping from one thing to another without making full use of the experience you have already gathered. Identify the best time to start something new and find out what works for YOU because that’s how you’ll reach success. Have fun doing whatever it is that you’re doing. Calls are not the only way to network successfully and if you’re not enjoying what you do, people will know. Find your tactic and make it successful with determination and consistency.


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