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When you move into a new market there are many ways to establish yourself. Can you leverage the credibility of your old database to get jump started in the new market? How can you prep yourself mentally for a listing appointment? On this episode, we answer questions on handling objections and holding yourself accountable to be active on social media.

Moving into a new area is a tremendous opportunity for you to rebrand yourself.– Greg McDaniel

Three Things We Learned


Ask the prospect questions to help ease their doubts

When a prospect tells you they want to interview more agents/brokers, start asking them questions like important aspects they are looking for in an agent.


Prep your subconscious before you go into a listing presentation

Success is all about mindset, and you have to prepare yourself for the listing presentation beforehand. If you show up mentally in state, ready to rock and roll and you own it, you will be able to get the listing.


The lack of productivity is what’s killing your business

You may think you have 30 things that all need to be done at once to grow your business, but that’s the worst thing you can do. Instead of going a mile wide and an inch deep, go deep on one thing because that will move your further a lot faster.

Key Quotes

Stop going a mile wide and an inch deep.– Greg McDaniel

There’s always the potential for a deal.– Greg McDaniel

The fundamentals of starting a real estate business whether you’re new or moving to a new area are relatively the same. It’s all about building relationships, and doing something as simple as building your Facebook page to be transferable. Remember moving to a new place is a powerful opportunity, it gives you a chance to rebrand and market more intelligently.


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