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A lot of individual agents get themselves into trouble by not having a way to generate new relationships, and they get swept away by teams. Why are teams making it so hard for individual agents to compete? Is 2018 the beginning of the end of the individual agent? What is the bigger trend behind the movement towards teams? On this episode, we are joined by Dale Archdekin to talk about the value of teams.

If you want to grow, do more and leverage, the way of leveraging is teams.– Dale Archdekin

Three Things We Learned


Count on your database shrinking every year

Whether it’s relocation or death, your database is going to shrink by up to 15% each year. If you’re not able to continue building more relationships to expand your sphere, your actual business is going to shrink too.


Teams offer a lot more value

Teams who are developing entire sales teams around receiving and converting leads

at a high level, are offering a lot more value to the market. They are buying up massive space in online advertising, their footprint is larger because they have many people under the same brand, and they have the ability to handle paperwork in a professional and consistent way.


Teams make database communication easier


A lot of salespeople that are really good at talking to people and fostering relationships, are very bad at creating and managing repeatable systems. If you plug into a team that’s dialed in with a consistent touch plan to keep you in front of your sphere, that communication is taken care of with a repeatable system.

Key Quotes

Knowing how to go out, hunt, kill and get your own business is an absolute necessity.– Greg McDaniel

You have to have a predictable, scaled way to generate new relationships no matter what business you’re in. – Matt Johnson

The stress levels in this business can be astronomical, and a team can help you shoulder that. By handling the admin side of things in a professional and consistent way, providing accountability and automating things like database communication, teams offer value that individual agents just couldn’t compete with. A team allows you to leverage a repeatable system, cutting a lot of the worry out the job. Teams are also a vehicle for specialization, where you can leverage the abilities of other people. It’s all about plugging into a team that gets you more business and also helps you get better and better.

Guest Bio

Dale Archdekin is CEO of Smart Inside Sales, a lead generation and real estate coaching company. Dale is currently the Director of Lead Generation for one of the top 10 teams with Keller Williams Realty. Dale uses his 15+ years of experience as a telephone prospector in various industries and his many years of inside sales management experience to successfully guide other agents and companies through the many difficulties of creating a productive and profitable inside sales department. Find out more about Dale go to, find Smart Inside Sales on Facebook or email


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