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A 30 minute open house can be more effective than a 3-hour one with the right tactics. How can you use open houses to protect the value of a home? How can you make the open house an event that brings in crowds? On this episode, we are joined by our good friend and marketer Glenn Twiddle, to talk about open house mastery and making yourself a household name.

Our open houses here in Australia are 20-30 minutes so we can cram in 15 opens in a day or in a week.– Glenn Twiddle

Three Things We Learned


The saturation geographic marketing tactic

When you do an open house, do a 5-minute video version of it on Facebook Live. Boost it to a targeted geographic area, and let it run long enough for people to see your acitivity and your effectiveness in your market. You’ll have sellers calling you, wanting you to take the listing, and you will guarantee future business.


Shorter open houses are more effective


Instead of a 3-hour open house where people show up sporadically, make it 30 minutes or an hour so that more people show up at once. This gives the home more of a buzz, and people will assume there’s competition to buy the house.


Invite people for reasons other than buying the house

An open house doesn’t just have to be about the house. You can make it a community event with fun activities and giveaways. Partner with local vendors or brands and invite people from the neighborhood. It’s a powerful way to market yourself.

Key Quotes

You don’t have a competitor if you’ve got a couple of years to wear them down.– Glenn Twiddle

The words that are spoken have more power than we know when they are delivered with the right tonality and the right body language. – Greg McDaniel

The saturation geographic marketing method will make you a household name in a short amount of time. That’s because people get to see what you’re about, and that you’re a serious contender in the real estate of that area. If you can make an impact by making people feel respected, and giving a solution to their specific problem, you will blow all your competitors out of the water because people will see the value and want to work with you.

Guest Bio

Glenn’s history includes being a Real Estate Agent, Sales Manager, Sales Trainer, Real Estate Principal and Business owner, and Clinical Hypnotherapist. He started as a Salesperson and quickly became a number 1 salesperson in the competitive inner city Brisbane apartment market.  Glenn has trained and mentored thousands of real estate agents in his capacity as a Sales Trainer for the Real Estate Institute of Qld (REIQ), Coldwell Banker, the number one real estate franchise in the WORLD, Brisbane Apartment Sales, Alto Real Estate, Ray White Centre for Excellence, LJ Hooker, Richardson and Wrench and many others. Go to for more information.


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